The Neglected Hedge Edition

7th February 2018

This week I’ve taken the time to tackle some of the worse hedges on the farm. A particularly interesting specimen came in the form of a hedge given up on by the contractor three years ago for being too thick and potentially damaging to his hedgecutter. With up to nearly 6 years of unruly growth, and spurred on by a slap on the wrist from the RPA I thought I better do something about it.


They say, if you want something doing properly, then you should probably just do it yourself, so armed with the new Mzuri Razorback hedgecutter off I went. The Razorback has been loaned to me over the winter to put it through its paces, and effectively, to see if I can break it. Something I’m normally pretty good at I might add.


It is apparent that even in this relatively flat field the innovative Auto-Level technology is working in the background to ensure the main frame remains level at all times. I can see how this would be a big advantage for operators spending many hours in the seat on unforgiving ground.


The head made light work of the hedge and reduced what would typically be larger branches to a fine dust. It really was incredible to see 6 years’ worth of material disappear in front of my eyes. This also meant no large pieces being flung around, and dust was ejected behind the tractor rather than all over the cab and bonnet due to the rotary design.


For a ruthless machine it is surprisingly quiet, and I found the whole thing to be actually quite pleasurable. Albeit part of me was disappointed with not being able to continue my streak of breaking machinery, but impressively the Razorback held its own and returned to the yard unscathed by the evening’s events. Now, let’s find a bigger hedge.


By Martin Lole
Arable farmer and owner of Springfield Farm, a Mzuri Trial Farm

Pushing back the 4m wide hedge to a much smarter 1.5m

80mm diameter growth reduced to dust

Even on a small contour the auto-level is apparent, keeping the Hog straight!

The 5ft head is essential for the bigger hedge

From up to 6m to 1.5m in height

Job Done!


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