Terminating Cover Crops with Razorback

25th February 2021

Our cover crops have reached the end of the road, having done a fantastic job of protecting our soils during another very wet winter. Their termination has taken many forms, from sheep, to frost rolling and of course glyphosate. With two fields left to go, I had been keen to trial Razorback batwing mower to compare. A minus six frost at the start month provided the ideal opportunity to put the green machine to work. With plenty of above ground biomass to process, the Razorback made light work of processing the plants into manageable lengths ready for our worms to pull down into the soil. So frozen were the plants that the cutting action created a ‘dust’ appearance, fingers crossed we see the real thing next month when we are back in to sow our spring crops.

It’s found a number of uses across the farm

The Razorback rotary mower and harrow has been a useful tool on farm throughout the year, including cover crop termination, stale seedbed preparation and maintaining our grassland including our wide grass headlands. It is perfect for use after OSR to chop and distribute stubble which we feel gives us an advantage over slugs by shattering their habitats, something that we find to be particularly effective on a baking hot day. Combined with ground engaging tines, the field surface is stimulated to encourage a flush of weed seeds and volunteers which has helped us to achieve an effective stale seedbed ahead of drilling the following crop with our Mzuri Pro-Til.

The Razorback combination has been a useful tool at Springfield Farm


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