October Crop Update

7th November 2017


Late October we drew a close to the Autumn drilling campaign. This year, because of the wet weather, we haven’t touched the rolls. Instead I opted for the Rezult straw rake to level the surface ready for the pre-emergence chemistry. Everything that has come up so far has done so well, and gaining momentum.

On the quiet, we have been conducting a little drilling experiment, involving the new Mzuri precision seeder kit, involving Winter Wheat and drastically low seed rates. We’re excited to share with you our results over the coming days.

Oilseed Rape

I’ve really taken a liking to the 666mm spaced OSR crop this year, it really has been astounding throughout. Earlier in the month, the two fields with the most grass weeds we’re treated with Centurion Max which has done a brilliant job so far. Other fields were treated with a Crawler herbicide and a Metcostar fungicide mix, just leaving a final autumn fungicide application for November.


Across the farm we have been using both the single and double shoot coulter to drill this year’s Winter Wheat. In the wake of last year’s trial field, we decided to extend the area of narrow coulter drilled Wheat, which gives the wider appearance to the crop. Both establishment methods are looking good, and time will tell how they over winter and go on to yield.

Cover Crops

Across the farm the cover crops are still holding their own, however it won’t be long before a few hard frosts start to knock them back. Our favourite cover crop is known for being easily killed come January, making my life easier. For now though, the Radish is still hanging on to its petals – and lovely it looks too.



In general farm news, I’ve taken the time to have a tidy up, with all of the scheduled farm visits over the coming weeks, and got the mower out to the headlands. We’ve also been trialling the new Mzuri Razorback hedge cutter on the farm and tidying up a few hedges here and there. So far so good, it’s been leaving a clean finish to the hedge and is easy to use, just what you want.

By Martin Lole
Arable farmer and owner of Springfield Farm, a Mzuri Trial Farm


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