More trees going in

10th February 2021

Tree planting

Our annual winter tree planting resumed with 500 trees to go in this year. Despite the ‘soft going’ I managed to break my faithful spade with only 10% planted, mostly likely due to Christmas excesses, it certainly comes at a good time of year to be getting some exercise! With another few awkward corners planted and replacements made for the high mortality seen with last year’s larch planting, a satisfying job was ticked off the list. Fingers crossed, we don’t see a repeat of last spring’s prolonged hot and dry spell that required regular watering.

Restoring hedge gaps

As the winter draws to a close the last of this year’s hedge planting on the farm was completed. It must be said that the soft going made for easy progress, soon having sections ticked off the list.  The gapping up of some old hedge lines is certainly a worthwhile and satisfying job, ensuring the continuity for future of years of new growth and dead wood, providing a key habitat on the farm.


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