Grazing OSR stubbles & inter row trials

6th October 2020

More often seen over winter on our cover crops, sheep made an early return to our arable ground this year as we took a different approach to a field of volunteer OSR that wasn’t bordering new crop. With a healthy stand of plant and a willing grazier we set the mob to work, taking back the lush growth ahead of winter wheat. In the next field we had our inter row legume mulch crop, so a single field was created of the two using electric fencing. I would love to be able to feedback that preferential grazing took place but with the choice of volunteer osr, volunteer wheat, birdsfoot trefoil, lucerne, white clover and a timothy and rye grass headland they truly did have the buffet to end all buffets. After a week all had been evenly grazed back and with the dry September, they hadn’t made a mark.

With a range of OSR, wheat, birdsfoot trefoil, lucerne, white clover and timothy & rye headlands, the mob had a varied buffet to tuck into

With a dry September our temporary visitors barely left their mark on the ground, ideal conditions for this type of management

The buffet was a success across the board


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