Autumn Open Days

23rd November 2018

Last week marked our second annual Autumn Open days in conjunction with Mzuri. Building on last year’s success we welcomed onto the farm over 100 enthusiastic farmers and growers. Being my first official ‘gig’ as Farm Manager for Springfield Farm the pressure was on to deliver an insightful and interesting experience for all.

Starting with the popular farm tour I made sure to update our visitors on our latest trials including the side by side Omnia precision farming field and our extensive Wheat seed rate trials stretching over both Hybrid and Conventional varieties. Having seen the trials through from the beginning and drilling the entire farm myself this year I was confident that I would remember all the necessary details. Of course, this does come with the downside of not having anyone to blame for the occasional operator error!

After lunch we sat down and looked in more detail at how the Mzuri strip tillage system has affected the farm in terms of soil and crop health, yields and profitability. We also looked at the typical savings and benefits achieved by other Mzuri users coming from a variety of different systems, a real eye opener when compared to traditional heavy cultivations.

Feedback from visitors was positive and everyone commented on how well the farm looked. It was great to talk to existing users, new users and those who are thinking about making the switch. It really struck me how the Mzuri system has had a resounding effect on farms up and down the country and has helped farmers take control of their businesses.


Ben Knight

Farm Manager

Our Oilseed Rape is on top form this year

Digging for gold, perfect soil structure and worms can be found below the matt of crop residue

Discussing cover crops in our Oat plot


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