Trying out the Razorback RT500

15th May 2020

In April I had the chance to try out the new Razorback RT500 rotary mower, which I used to top off the previous years maize wildlife cover. The 3ha of maize that we drill with the Mzuri Pro-Til provides shelter and food for wildlife on the farm, positioned next to a young wood. It’s a great space that we take pride in providing for our local wildlife and it’s often a thriving hub of activity.

In preparation for this years new crop, we used the Razorback RT500 to top and distribute the remaining maize, returning the crop residue to the surface for incorporation by the worms. This was then sprayed off and with a demonstration Mzuri Pro-Til Xzact drill in the yard, I took the opportunity to sow 1ha on 30th April. As a heavy clay field, that has certainly benefited from the return of crop residues, tilth was the best I’d seen in this field. Coupled with good moisture it makes for an exciting proposition. The remaining balance of the field will be sown using conventional metering at 33cm and 66cm spacing for an interesting comparison later in the season.

Whilst we had the opportunity, I put the RT500 to good use on our field corners ready for sowing next month. We’ve taken to leaving several wildlife plots across the farm and awkward corners provide the perfect opportunity to make the most of the available space.

The new rotary mower ticked all the boxes in terms of ease of use and getting the job done. It was easy to adjust and maneuver in tight headland corners and gave a clean, level cut across both the maize and grass surfaces. Like it’s orange sister, (Mzuri & Razorback are sister companies!) I found the RT500 to be a solid, well built machine. And it’s made in the UK too!


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