Spring Wheat Harvest

20th September 2020

Spring wheat has to be my favourite crop to grow. From excellent establishment, to a simple spray programme, with strong standing without PGR and ease of combining.

Combining began on 8th September, which despite perfect weather with temperatures nudging 22c, moisture refused to drop below 18%. However, with otherwise perfect going, the first 2 fields were cut and in the barn. The next morning brought the second heavy dew of the autumn, so with the combine serviced, a sample was taken for testing at our local grain merchant. With milling quality in its genetics, although not pushed with a late protein spray and suchlike to hit spec, I half hoped it might sneak over the line. I was pleasantly surprised when the results returned protein of 14% and Hagberg of 326. The protein was beyond what I had anticipated, but more pleasing was the Hagberg holding up despite having 2 inches of rainfall during its last fortnight in the field.

The reliable September wind finally picked up in the late morning and we were going again after lunch. The wind made all the difference drying the crop down, with the remainder harvested at 14.5% moisture. Yields over the weighbridge recorded an average of 7.62t/ha, which whilst slightly down on last year still delivers a good margin.



Cochise Spring Wheat matured evenly corner to corner


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