Speaking at Cereals 2019

14th June 2019

As farm manager of Springfield Farm and an advocate of soil health, I was invited to speak in the Conservation Agriculture Theatre at Cereals this year and I was only more than happy to accept. I was delighted to be a part of something that challenges the status quo and gets people talking about the many different ways of thinking surrounding the agricultural industry and particularly, preserving our soils. I chose to talk about how we can ‘Future proof your business with Strip Tillage’ and although trying to avoid the B word the concept remains the same for any future uncertainties we may face.

I eagerly prepared the presentation and perfected my speech in anticipation of the big event with the date fast rolling round and I made sure to make myself a note to pack the sun cream for what is usually the hottest event of the year!

Wind forward two months and the sun cream may have been a little presumptuous. It was without a doubt that Cereals 2019 has been my wettest to date, and with huge amounts of rain falling across the country in a small window, Boothby Graffoe was no exception.

Undeterred, I was pleased to see so many people make the effort to attend given the pretty awful conditions. I certainly wasn’t going to let the rain stop me from sounding the horn for soil health and if anything, I thought the downpour may improve audience attendance in the warm and dry theatre!

I’m getting pretty used to talking in front of audiences and when the subject is strip tillage I am in my element. The presentation went well, and I was pleased that I had attracted a reasonable crowd of people, who may have sat down to dry out, but certainly left with an insight into strip tillage!


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