No light no problem for hedgecutter

17th January 2019

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a truly restful festive period, although depending on your sector some may be more well rested than others! We’ve taken it easy over Christmas and I’ve had the chance to play around with the Razorback Auto-level 550 rotary hedgecutter.

The farm has always operated an environmentally friendly hedgecutting policy that means we try to not touch our hedges before January to give wildlife the longest possible window to access nature’s ‘sweet treat’ berries over the cold period. This also works well for us and gives me something to do during the quieter months on the rest of the farm.

You may wonder why we’re cutting in the dark. There is no particular reason except that, with the shorter days at this time of the year, and with the Razorback being so simple to use with such light controls, it is just as easily operated in the dark as it is in daylight.

In fact, I filmed a video whilst operating to demonstrate how smooth and clean the cut is. The machine’s Auto-Level Co-Pilot technology is so responsive and advanced, that taking a hand off the controls needn’t be a problem.

If only there was Co-Pilot technology for everything else in life!

Watch the video here


Ben Knight

Farm Manager

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