March Crop Update

15th April 2018


Battling the beast from the east and the wet pest from the west, March was a cold and soggy month. It did however have its perks, namely being able to get the JCB out to clear the snow along the lane, practical and highly enjoyable!

Once we’d thawed I could get on with some fertiliser applications for the Winter Wheat and Oilseed Rape.


Winter Oilseed Rape

The miserable weather subsided just long enough for me to get an application of 240kg/ha of Sulphur + N on the 27th of March on all the farms OSR.

Changing practically daily, blink and you’ll miss the crop moving forward.

Even areas that have been badly affected by pigeon damage are recovering and are looking consistently well across the farm.

WOSR on 66cm row spacing makes the most of the available light


Winter Wheat


The 29th of March saw the Wheat receive its application of 33.5% Nitrogen, at 160kg/ha.

I was pleased to be able to get on the field, with the permanent tramlines holding up and allowing me to travel relatively easily given the wet conditions.

The Wheat drilled with the narrow coulter getting the agronomists approval


Cover Crops/Soya


Cover crops will be given an application of glyphosate in April ready for drilling Soya beans.

It is vital that Soya is planted into a warm seedbed so we will be holding off until May.

We’ve also learnt that Soya has a fixed hypocotyl length so drilling depth is very important; luckily we will be drilling with the Mzuri Pro-Til which features individually hydraulically pressurised coulters that maintain even seed depth in uneven terrain.

Cover crops have been providing habitat for many species of wildlife over the winter


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