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11th April 2019

During March I made an effort to tidy up some of the hedgerows around the farm. ‘No, not with the hedgecutter!’ I hear you wince, but instead paying close attention to those parts of the boundaries that are looking a little, well shall we say, sparse?

I opted for a mixture of hedging plants with species ranging from Hawthorn to Field Maple, Spindle, and Hazel. These will bridge the gaps where our hedges have been neglected, or where new hedges had been heavily topped by a rogue mower!

Along with patching up the hedges, I acquired a collection of suitable trees. A rather large collection actually, rounding up to 200 trees planted in the space of a week.

It must be said that the satisfaction of planting so many trees on our farm is equal to that of the impatience of wanting to see them grow and flourish. I’ve certainly got the back ache to prove my efforts, even if the view from the window is less than dramatic at this stage. We’ll be sure to update you in 2029 with a progress report!

Jokes aside, it is important that we invest in these natural assets and preserve them for our farming future. Our hedgerows and trees are eco-system hubs that actively reward us by supporting birds and many beneficial insect species. So many trees have vanished from our landscapes that I would happily plant as many as I could, providing, of course, they don’t impede our light interception!



Ben Knight

Farm Manager

A new hedge established where the last one was taken out by an over enthusiastic mower!

200 trees ready and waiting to spring into action


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